Ride Leader Information

Ride Categories

CAT A Advanced 17+ MPH
CAT B Intermediate 14-16 MPH
CAT C Moderate 12-14 MPH
CAT D Easy 10-12 MPH
MTN Off Road Mountain bike required – Pace Varies
Ride Schedule (March to October)
  • General information pertaining to regularly scheduled rides are posted on the CSO calendar and sent out via a weekly email each Monday. Each calendar entry includes the Ride Leaders name, email, and phone# so you may receive inquires regarding your ride.
  • Ride Leaders are encouraged to send out more detailed information via Google Groups each week with regard to any modifications to the ride, specific routes, weather concerns, etc.
  • New this year is a “green” concept with regard to cue sheets, therefore, ride leaders need to include the cue sheet either on the calendar or their email notice and remind rider to bring their own.
  • Any last minute changes (weather, cancellation, ride leader change, etc) should be conveyed via Google Groups.
  • If for some reason, you are not able to lead the ride, you can send out a message that the ride will be considered a “pick-up” ride.
Things to Have On-Hand
  • Member List: Each Ride Leader will receive a copy of the member list that contains emergency contact information. This file can be stored on a cell phone.
  • Club Liability Sheet: Guest riders may ride with the club one time and are still required to sign the CSO Waiver of Liability sheet.
  • Cell phone – Carry a cell phone on the ride.
  • Supplies – Ride leaders should have a stocked saddle bag.
  • Cue Sheet: While it is the responsibility of each rider to bring their own cue sheet, the ride leader should have 2 or 3 on hand.

Please download and print our Ride Leader Checklist