Legal Information

Type:  Ordinary Business / Non-stock
Date: 03-29-2010
EIN: D13493903
Associations: League of American Bicyclists (01/01/2010)
Insurance Coverage:  Chesapeake Spokes has both rider insurance and additional Board of Directors/Officers insurance to protect both its members and those who volunteer to serve this club.

As a full member, you are required to sign a standard LAB Liability sheet prior to each ride. Any rides not sanctioned by the club are not considered a club ride and is excluded from coverage. Any ad-hoc ride arranged via Chesapeake Spokes Google Group is not considered a sanctioned ride unless it is posted on the web-site or sanctioned by the Ride Leader Coordinator or other Board of Director member. Thus, each rider acknowledges that they are not participating in a Chesapeake Spokes club ride and are not covered under the club’s insurance. Guests are permitted to participate in one (1) ride without joining the club as long as they meet our stated riding criteria and sign the standard LAB Liability sheet prior to the ride. No exceptions are allowed!

Certificate of Insurance

Provider: American Specialty Insurance & Risk Services, Inc.
Coverage Period: 02/01/2023 – 02/01/2024
Policy Number: SBCGL0054506
Policy is available in our library.

DO Insurance

Provider: Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company
Coverage Period: 02/18/2023 – 02/01/2024
Policy Number: PIDO118331
Policy is available in our library.